HPDCAPL Overview

Arunachal Pradesh, with an land area of 83,743 km² is the largest state in North East region in terms of land and is geographically bounded by Bhutan to the West, Myanmar to the East, China to the North and North-East and Assam and Nagaland to the South, is one of the most scenic beauty and gifted with maximum numbers of river & rivulets state of the country. It is situated between Latitude 26°30’N and 29°30’N and Longitude 91°30’E and 97°30’E. The state is endowed with mighty rivers and estimated feasible hydropower potential of about 57,000MW, out of the total hydro power potential of about 66,000MW in Brahmaputra basin. Brahmaputra basin is further divided into five major river basins i.e. Siang basin, Lohit basin, Kameng basin, Subansiri basin and Dibang basin in Arunachal Pradesh. Development of hydro power potential in Arunachal Pradesh has been identified by both Govt of India and Govt of Arunachal Pradesh as one of the key areas for meeting the country’s ever increasing energy requirements, while at the same time developing and improving the infrastructure within the state. The state Govt, so far, has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with developers for development of over 49,000MW of hydropower potential in the state.

The state till early 2007, implemented its hydropower power development exclusively through Department of Hydropower Development, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh with central assist schemes. It was on 8th December 2006 – A new dawn in the Power Sector of Arunachal Pradesh when Hydro Power Development Corporation of Arunachal Pradesh (HPDCAPL) a Govt of Arunachal Pradesh undertaking, an only Hydro Power Corporation of the state came into existence, with promises to keep with the home state, to emerge as a Power Major and to make the state Power House of India.

HPDCAPL is a wholly owned Corporation of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, registered under the Companies Act 1956 (No.1 of 195) with Corporate Identity Number-U40102AR2006SGC008237 and the company is limited, set up for development and promotion of clean energy such as Hydropower stations, Solar, Wind & Gas and also managing hydro power generation at existing power stations with the purpose of harnessing the known, and yet to be known, hydro power resources of the State.

Today, though HPDCAPL does not have operating hydropower plants under its own but some of Hydropower plants such as 3MW SHP at Zemithang etc are in gestation period. The corporation is also under active consideration to take over some of the existing Hydro power plant viz. Tago-3×1.5MW, Mai-4×0.5MW, Mai-II-2×0.5MW, Yambung-4×0.5MW approved by GoAP to take over for Operation & Maintenance from Department of Hydropower Govt of Arunachal Pradesh. With this taking over of the existing stations HPDCAPL will have installed capacity of 9.5MW. Though the State is more or less sufficient in its energy generation to meet its own requirements, it is committed to develop its huge hydro power resources in an early and efficient manner for economic well-being and growth of the State and its people.