Hydro Potential

Arunachal Pradesh is endowed with economically exploitable and viable hydro potential assessed to be about 57,000 MW at 60% load factor. The hydro potential sites are identified in basin wise with the maximum potential in Siang of 17,308MW. Out of the total identified hydro potential sites in Arunachal Pradesh, 45% i.e. 25,800MW has already been allotted to CPSUs and Private Parties. That means about 55% of total hydro potential sites are yet to be explored and tapped. The hydro potential of Arunachal Pradesh is as tabulated below:

Sl. No. Name of River Basin Total Hydro Potential (in MW) Total Hydro potentials allotted to CPSUs/Private Parties (in MW)
1 Tawang 2057 1982
2 Kameng 6183 3602
3 Subansiri 12123 125
4 Dikrong 560 200
5 Siang 17308 5610
6 Dibang 10977 8387
7 Lohit 7679.5 5816.5
8 Tirap 140 140
Total 57027.5 25862.5


Advantage of Hydro power

  • A renewable source of energy – saves scarce fuel reserves.
  • Clean, Non-polluting and hence environment friendly.
  • Robust and Long life about 35-40years.
  • Cost of generation, operation and maintenance is lower than the other sources of energy.
  • Ability to start and stop quickly and instantaneous load acceptance/rejection makes it suitable to meet peak demand and for enhancing system reliability and stability.
  • Has higher efficiency (over 90%) compared to thermal (35%) and gas (around 50%).
  • Cost of generation is free from inflationary effects after the initial installation.
  • Storage based hydro schemes often provide attendant benefits of irrigation, flood control, drinking water supply, navigation, recreation, tourism, pisciculture etc.
  • Being located in remote regions leads to development of interior backward areas (education, medical, road communication, telecommunication etc.)

Hydro Initiative

HPDCAPL being the only hydropower corporation of GoAP, has initiated to develop hydropower in the state in holistic approach. The corporation has made an effort with MNRE, GOI, Delhi for development of hydro power station particularly in Pico, Micro, Mini and Small Hydel Project in the state to achieve the central & state government mission to provide electricity in rural and remote areas. Keeping in mind, the mission of central and state mission, HPDCAPL has taken the following initiatives which are under active consideration.

  • Signed MOU with M/s WEBCOS, Delhi on….providing consultancy services for development of hydro power development in the state.
  • Preparation of Master plan of total Hydro Potential in the state both identified and left out rivers. The master plan of hydro potential will give user the exact picture of hydro potential with the pre feasibility report in terms of technical, economical and social factors. This report will help private developer to choose the best project as per their budgetary provision.
  • Developing Pico Hydel Projects (1KW to 5KW) of about 30Nos. subsidized by MNRE to be implemented in the state wherever feasible. This scheme will help, the state to give electricity to the needy villagers particularly situated in remote and far flung areas.