HPDCAPL is a well-established, multi-disciplinary organization and has acquired sufficient expertise and state of art technology for planning and executing both large and small size Hydro Power Projects, Solar & Wind projects, Biogas projects etc. It has the support of highly qualified and experienced professionals and partner organization such as WAPCOS, Concept Green Energy Pvt Ltd. in design and engineering, geotechnical engineering, latest range of construction and test equipments, technologies to accomplish any hydro power project from concept to commissioning.

Corporation provided consultancy services, at present, mainly to other Departments of Govt of Arunachal Pradesh. HPDCAPL provide its expertise in Survey & Investigation, Planning, Design & Engineering, Construction etc.for preparation of project concept, Detailed Project Report (DPRs) etc. to clients in public and private sector. It also implements central funded schemes in Arunachal Pradesh.